2014 in images

Continuing to catch-up the missing years in review, here are photographs taken in 2014.

Trips this year included Spain, Japan and Greece including a final sailing, from Piraeus to Milos, on the Agios Georgios (ex-Hengist) which later sank in Piraeus harbour and was scrapped. It was also a year which saw last trips on the HSS Stena Explorer and the Sherbatskiy (ex-Pride of Free Enterprise).

The Xin Jian Zhen approaching Kobe from Shanghai.
In the background is the Awaji Kannon, one of the ten largest statues in the world but slated for demolition in 2021.
Spirit of France crossing from Calais to Dover.
On board the Poeta Lopez Anglada (ex-Stena Navigator, Seafrance Manet, Stena Parisien, Champs Elysees) between Barcelona and Alcudia.
The Pride of York approaching Hull.
A distant view of the Wind Perfection (ex-Olau Britannia) in the Irish Sea.
A distant view of the Isabella I (ex-Olau Hollandia) off Piraeus.
The fast craft is the Flying Dolphin 17.
Stena Explorer at Holyhead.
A last glimpse of the abandoned Panagia Parou at Algeciras. She later sank at her berth here.
The Yamato at Shin Moji terminal.
The ship is now the Stena Nova.
AF Claudia Prima (ex-Daedalus) and Sveti Stefan II (ex-Prinz Hamlet) at Bari.
Jaume I (ex-Stena Sea Lynx II) at Algeciras.
The Seven Island Ai passing under the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo.
The Nissos Mykonos seen from the Diagoras.
The Ibn Batouta (ex-St Christopher).
The Costa Concordia being broken up at Genoa.
The new Tachibana Maru nearing completion at the Mitsubishi yard in Shimonoseki.
Armorique at Portsmouth.
Galaxy and Baltic Princess at Mariehamn.
Ritsurin II at Kobe.
The Sherbatskiy (ex-Pride of Free Enterprise) at Almeria.
The Phivos, Ocean Dream and Jetferry I at Piraeus.
Swan at Lakeside.
The Kogane Maru at Ogi.
The ship is now the Superferry of Golden Star Ferries.
Princess Seaways at North Shields.
Al Mansour (ex-Reine Astrid) at Algeciras.
The Ardenia (ex-Gardenia, European Endeavour) at Ampelakia.
Sunflower Kirishima arriving at Osaka.
The Princess Selandia (ex-Sjaelland, Dronning Ingrid) at Barrow.
The laid-up Ionian Queen at Patras.
The Wisteria (ex-Duc de Normandia, Prinses Beatrix).
Moby Otta at Genoa.
Ariadne at Piraeus.
Stena Precision.
Stena Feronia leaving Algeciras.
Ionian Star at Zakynthos.
Blue Dolphin at Aomori.
Speedrunner III (ex-SuperSeaCat Three) at Piraeus.
Jaume III (ex-SeaCat Diamant) and Jaume I at Algeciras.
Asahi at Takamatsu.
Superfast I approaching Patras.
Ibn Batouta laid up at Algeciras.
Jetferry I at Piraeus.
Nura Nova at Alcudia.
El. Venizelos at Souda.
SNAV Toscana (ex-Peter Wessel).
Calais Seaways crossing from Calais to Dover.
Juan J Sister at Malaga.
Agios Georgios at Piraeus.
Osaka Express at Miyazaki.
Rosella at Mariehamn.

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