Viking XPRS rebuild

The Viking XPRS at Tallinn
The Viking XPRS at Tallinn
Such has been the success of Viking Line’s new Viking XPRS, operating for nearly twelve months between Helsinki and Tallinn, that her owners are extending the ship already:

Dear passengers!
We want our ship to be the best for you.
Because of this we are building more seats and a comfortable Dance Pavilion to the aft of the ship at deck 7.
We apologise that we have to do part of the renovation while the ship is still on its route.
We regret the disturbances that this work might cause to our passengers.

Seating 250 passengers, the twin-level lounge will assume the mantle of primary entertainment venue, staying open well into the small hours alongside the Viking’s Inn Pub.

The ship’s usual schedule of double daily sailings allows some genuine fast conventional competition to Tallink’s Star and Superstar in the transport market whilst the company remains competitive in minicruises. Although it is probably the latter that the extension is primarily aimed at, the additional overall seating capacity which will be provided is undoubtedly required given the volume of passengers now being carried.

Here are some pictures of the work in progress on board the ship during her layover in Tallinn last week. One can only hope that the work doesn’t too badly compromise either the XPRS’s beautiful silhouette or her original expansive and well-designed outside decks. The ship remains in pretty good condition after a year’s service, which makes an interesting comparison to the Superstar, which entered service almost simultaneously but now has bits of yellow warning tape liberally applied around the passenger spaces, perhaps indicating there may be some warranty issues to address.

The closed deck outside the Vikings Inn pub on the Viking XPRS.
The closed deck outside the Viking's Inn pub on the Viking XPRS.

Further views taken from the aft of Deck 8.
Further views taken from the aft of Deck 8.

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