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2014 in images

Continuing to catch-up the missing years in review, here are photographs taken in 2014. Trips this year included Spain, Japan and Greece including a final sailing, from Piraeus to Milos,…

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2013 in images

2020 was a difficult year and opportunities for travel have been very limited; only 23 ships were travelled on and just six nights were spent at sea – both the…

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Twilight of the Hengist

Panagia Tinou (most recently Agios Georgios, originally the Hengist of 1972). Half sunk in Piraeus harbour, July 2016.

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That Was The Year That Was – 2012

2012 was an exciting year of travel with a first, but most definitely not last, ferry-centric trip to Japan where a whole new world of ships and shipping culture was…

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Blast from the past: Sealink’s Hengist & Horsa

29 April 2012 marks 40 years to the day since the launch of Sealink’s Hengist and Horsa, the purpose-built ferries delivered in the summer of 1972 by the naval shipyard…

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Things seen – October 2011

The Villandry is captured on Youtube in the 1960s in these timeless home movie reels – she is seen at Newhaven here and here and at Dieppe here. The ship…

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Mediterranean Massacre – Part Two

After the recent cull of Southern Europe’s elderly ferry fleet, which ships will be next? There remain plenty of veterans out there, and the list below is a bit of…

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Things Seen – February 2010

After many years laid up at Elefsis and Salamis the first of the Sunderland-built Superflexes, the Superflex Alfa, saw service in 2008 as the Nikolaos between Igoumenitsa and Corfu for…

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