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2021 in images. Part 2 ? Southern Europe

The second part of the 2021 photo review, this time favourite pictures taken in Southern Europe during the year. Click on the images for larger versions or to access the…

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2013 in images

2020 was a difficult year and opportunities for travel have been very limited; only 23 ships were travelled on and just six nights were spent at sea – both the…

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Jadrolinija’s Ivan Zajc

Repost of a voyage report originally posted here in 2009 but subsequently lost. In 2010 the Ivan Zajc was sold for service in Equatorial Guinea for service to the island…

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Things seen – October 2011

The Villandry is captured on Youtube in the 1960s in these timeless home movie reels – she is seen at Newhaven here and here and at Dieppe here. The ship…

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Things seen – May 2011

The Queen of Prince Rupert will become one of the few BC Ferries to see further service outside Canada following her sale to Fijian interests for inter-island use. As noted…

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Farewell Mette Mols, Balkanija, Istra

A few weeks ago, Jadrolinija’s Istra was sold for scrapping in Turkey. As the Mette Mols, Mols Linien’s very first ship, she was the lead vessel of what became a…

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Picture of the week: Istra (ex-Mette Mols)

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles today Tomorrow will be dying.

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Things Seen – September 2009

Firstly, apologies to regular readers for the month or so of no updates – hopefully the break will have been worth it, with plenty of new material gathered during a…

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Things seen – August 2009

Remember the Split Prvi? She was the eleventh Superflex ship, the Supeflex Kilo, and after a typically intermittant North European career was finally brought to Southern Europe by SEM in…

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The Dubrovnik (ex-Connacht, Duchesse Anne)

Since the sale of the Ivan Zajc earlier in the year, the Dubrovnik (ex-Duchesse Anne, Connacht) of Croatia’s state ferry company Jadrolinija is now rostered to sail on Split-Ancona sailings…

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