From the scrapyard: Oujda

The pair of stretched ‘Super Vikings’, Oujda (ex-Viking Venturer/ Pride of Hampshire) and Mogador (ex-Viking Valiant/Pride of Le Havre/Cherbourg) were sold for scrap earlier in the year and Unique Marine Machinery have, in the process, taken posession of a couple of items from the former ship, in particular the ship’s bell and the builder’s plate from her 1986 rebuilding and these are now available for sale through their website.

The ships did not have entirely satisfactory final years, bouncing around between COMANAV charters and service for their owners El Salam. COMANAV latterly were able to source better-quality charter tonnage and the ships disappeared to the Red Sea, never to return.

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  1. Very sad, I will realy miss her, all those years in Portsmouth with P&O. What I gatherd from HHV Ferry report back in 2006, she was realy not well looked after. If she was looked after beter I say she would have lasted at least another 6 years

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