The Paddle Steamer Ryde

Some pictures of the pitiable remains of the paddle steamer Ryde seen at Binfield on 3 May 2010.

Completed by Denny’s in Dumbarton in 1937, the ship operated between Portsmouth and Ryde Pier for a period stretching over 30 years, interrupted by war service during which she participated in the Dunkirk evacuation and supported on the Normandy beaches. Latterly, she was used only seasonally before being retired in 1969. She has spent longer still in her post-service career, taken to a site adjacent to what is now the Binfield Marina on the Isle of Wight where, as a hotel, bar and nightclub she was closed more often than not.

The millpond in which she was originally berthed has long since mostly dried up, leaving the ship entombed in the mud. A couple of years ago, the funnel collapsed during a storm and, more recently, she has been partially demolished.
There can be no come back for the ship from here.

7 thoughts on “The Paddle Steamer Ryde

  1. Inevitable as it may seem, this does not mean she cannot be saved. There are those among us who believe she can, in particular the guy who saved the Kingswear Castle on a shoestring budget. It all depends on whether people WANT to save her and are prepared to make the effort!! If anyone including myself wins the Eurolottery, they could fund her rescue and not even bat an eyelid.

  2. i wish someone would get things moving regarding this project .there has been no news at all about the, rydes ,dicey position ,we need the old girl sorted out

  3. A sorry state to see this once fine ship in. I’ve visited her every year since I was 4, and always wished to see some positive signs of restoration. She isnt gone yet, but things do need to get moving now if anything is to be done. I’d love to see her at sea again, and its perfectly possible.
    Andrew, 16

  4. Have just returned from the Isle of Wight where I made a pilgrimage to see the P.S. Ryde. As Sorry a situation as it is possible to imagine.The ownership of the vessel tied up in litigation while the deterioration continues day by day. Why have the trust set up to protect it not updated their website for almost a year? Why have the Isle of Wight authorities not taken sufficient interest to even stabalise this vessel so that the potential for restoration remains? This boat is in an afflluent area of Britain, a tourist haven where raising funds should at least be less problamatic than in other areas. The lack of interest in saving this important piece of island history seems to be nothing less than appaling!

  5. I have been coming to the Isle of Wight for over 35 years on holiday and can not believe the sorry state that this beautiful ship has got into . I just wish any restoration could get started to save this piece of Island History unlike the poor M.V. Southsea .

  6. On 27th March 1957, I left home and the Island to serve HM Queen for National Service and beyond! I traveled on PS Ryde to Pompey, just as I had as a kid during the outings to Pompey with my parents.

    We shopped off the back of a lorry in Charlotte Street, then fish and chips at the Black Cat Cafe in Commercial Road and then back to the ferry. We always threw some coins into the triangle at the per for the ‘Mud-larks’ to get and despite the thickness of the mud, they never failed to get them-wonder what political correctness (stupidity!) would make of those antics today!

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